Mac pro psu fix

Make sure you know your Apple ID and password before your appointment. Or, if you have a Mac notebook, contact us and we'll send you a box you can use to ship it to an Apple Repair Center.

We'll return your repaired product to you as quickly as possible. Depending on where you get service, you might be able to check the status of your repair online. Start a service request. If your issue isn't covered, the price depends on the type of repair.

Ask your service representative for an estimate. If you're experiencing an issue with your battery, your Mac notebook might not require a repair. These prices are for out-of-warranty service. We might need to test your product to determine the final service fee. Pricing and terms might vary at other service providers. All prices are in U. Our warranty doesn't cover batteries that wear down from normal use. It also includes up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage. Each incident has a service fee, as shown.

These fees apply in the United States. You may need the backup if your Mac needs to be reformatted during the repair process. Apple isn't responsible for lost data. The Apple Limited Warranty covers your Mac and the accessories that come with it against manufacturing defects for one year from the date you bought your Mac.

Tek Syndicate Rebuilds a Mac Pro: 64GB RAM / 12 core CPU

You may also have consumer law rights. Our warranty doesn't cover damage caused by accidents or unauthorized modifications. You can check your coverage status online and update your proof-of-purchase information if there's an error in our records. We guarantee our service, including replacement parts, for 90 days or the remaining term of your Apple warranty or AppleCare plan coverage, whichever is longer.Not being able to use your MacBook for any reason can be frustrating and even scary.

When first encountering charging issues, make sure the power adapter is the underlying problem. If you get no response, consider borrowing an identical charger if possible. If your MacBook turns on and starts charging with a different cable, your charger is likely the culprit. This is also the perfect time to check compatibility. Apple has more information about the different power adapter connectors that work with old and new MacBooks and how you can get the correct adapter, if necessary.

Here are the five major connection types:. After confirming that the charger is your issue, check for dirt in all ports and connectors. A layer of dust or grime may be present, preventing the charger from making a proper electrical connection.

Also, beware of invisible, sticky layers that may be the real problem. To clean, get a cloth or cotton swab and remove any dirt you see. You can also use a quick spritz of isopropyl alcohol on the connector, but make sure to dry the charger thoroughly before using it again.

Prong and blade damage : Examine all prongs, blades, and other metal tips used by your charger. Physical damage can cause electrical fires, so stop using your charger and get a replacement immediately.

Strain relief : Strain relief refers to the head of the charger, which plugs into the MacBook, slowly disconnecting from the main cable. Caused by wear and tear, this issue appears more often on older connectors than power adapters with L-style or other MagSafe connectors. If the LED indicator lights seem to switch on and off based on the angle of the charger, you could have a short.

If you see evident signs of damage, it could be dangerous; get a replacement soon.

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If the large, boxy part of your charger remains hidden under blankets, sits in the hot sun, or otherwise resides in a heated area, it may overheat. Adapters are very sensitive to heat, which is why Apple installs automatic shut-off functions for when they get too hot.Forum Rules.

Remember Me? Results 1 to 5 of 5. PSU failure in Mac Pro. After some investigation and advice I came to the conclusion that it was the PSU. So I replaced it and it worked for about 2 hours and then died. Could there be something going on thats causing the PSUs to fail?

Jammed or clogged fan or dodgy card. Originally Posted by enafuit. Yes the model numbers of the PSU were identical. Ive had the Mac Pro just over 3 years. But you would think that a short would Trip the fuse rather than kill the PSU. Ive never cleaned it, so I will now. Im going to have to get another PSU and hope for the best. Many thanks for your reply.

Apple Power Supply

You might also consider purchasing a line leveling UPS. With an expensive machine such as a Mac Pro I would never consider running it raw from the line. A good UPS is a must. I'm not saying that power glitches is what caused the second or even the first PS to die, however, why take a chance?

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After trawling the web for weeks I came across this. Although my problem isn't solved as my Mac Pro is away being repaired.Just an aside, my trusty Mac Pro tower started behaving erratically a few weeks ago. Leaving it unplugged overnight would occasionally result in it being boot-able the next morning.

mac pro psu fix

Which lead me to the PSU. I tried using compressed air to blow the dust out of it in case it was some kind of thermal issue to no avail. Shortly after that it stopped booting entirely — still giving me only the clicks. Power supply it is. Several hundred dollars and a few days later the new power supply arrived very nicely packed in specially cut foam.

The replacement process was awkward but not difficult. Once done my Mac was online immediately — overall took about two hours. On investigating the faulty power supply I found nothing special or obviously wrong with it; no bulging capacitors, burned out chips or transistors.

One interesting thing is large number of adjustment pots, which suggest that it may have just drifted out of alignment over time. However the probability of working out the appropriate adjustment without a service manual was pretty small. I hope this is of use if you run into Mac Pro issues.Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Buyer's Guide. Installation Guide. Guides Start Here!

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Latest activity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter spence4 Start date Oct 24, This is therefore not a super serious, functionality question.

mac pro psu fix

Rather, it is simply a question of vanity and aesthetics. I suspect some people on here can relate to that in the pursuit of the perfect looking case mod. I am currently using the SilverStone plug which is black. I would like to swap in the original Apple plug so that everything looks stock from the outside.

When my original Apple cord is plugged in, one cannot see the black SilverStone plug, but if the cord comes out then you see the black, and for whatever reason I am finding that unacceptable. I am pretty sure a few trips to a shrink could help me with this problem, but I figure that 15 minutes and 3 cents worth of solder are far cheaper. I know how to do the plus minus and ground, but there is this little other wire attached to the SilverStone plug that looks like some kind of battery or something - there is also what appears to be a small PCB.

How necessary is it to retain these things?

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Can I just connect the original Apple plug to the ground and then the two big wires that are wrapped around a green ring that are obviously the wires that go to the plus and minus of the plug. Thanks for the help. Retain the extra fiddely bits. Do not remove those items on the original socket lol or you'll be scrounging to redo all of those resistors and capacitors, trust me I know.

Mac Service and Repair

If not best thing would be to move it forward a hair and then buy a 1' power plug extension and plug the female end into the PSU and cut and solder the male end into the back of the Mac Pro PSU socket and then mount that into the opening of the power socket that you see from the outside. Unless you are extremely good at desoldering and re-soldering those parts. Or are able to duplicate the pieces removed. Why are you so smart? How did you know what that thing was? I have put together a couple hacks, including one pretty sweet Cube, and am now helping my neighbor build a G5 hack, but I am still obviously such a rookie.

I'm guessing not, but just want to be sure. Second, all of those tidbits are inside the the plug, the two big wires go to the plug unit which has the little black box and PCB on it. I would have to do quite a big more work to reattach those guys to the original Apple socket.

I am tempted to not worry about the tidbits if the only thing they do is provide radio interference reduction. Thanks again for your help.Forum Rules. Remember Me? Results 1 to 8 of 8. The fan is also emitting a low whirring sound that is quite noticeable from a distance, even when the side is on the case.

I also own a Mac Pro 3,1? Any help will be appreciated. Many thanks!

mac pro psu fix

Originally Posted by pm-r. It was my understanding that it was very bad practice to run those Mac models without the side panel in place. I believe doing so could mess up the cooling air flow and it could overheat. If the noises are annoying you, I could barely hear them in your audio, then put some pieces of sound absorbing board or material around the Mac Pro, but leave some air slots open for cooling.

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Or wear some good sealing earphones. Why not just carry on and get some work done with it and enjoy it as it is. Life's too short, but maybe you are too young for that to have become a reality.

Mac Service and Repair

Even machines seem to have some sort of personality, so just live with yours until it quits. Then you can really deal with it, as that's when it will no doubt be a bit more of a problem at that point. Fan noise You mentioned in the previous thread that you tried cleaning the mac pro with compressed air.

Problem with compressed air is that you can't control the trajectory of the dust that you are freeing, and it's super easy for it to get crammed underneath fans and other components.

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Not saying that this happened, but it just stood out to me and thought I would mention it. With that said, bearings on PC fans have certain lifespans. I have 3 Mac Pros. I thought about replacing it, but I've never had any performance issues, and the slight noise is not a problem for the low usage I get out of it. I try to do the best when it comes to maintaining my computers, and with my Mac Pros, I noticed something interesting with their fans.

They have floating bearing designs same as the MacBook Pros as apposed to bearings that are sandwiched between two roller sides.

These are pretty reliable and smooth, but they are VERY EASILY put off balance with dust buildup, or worse, if you clean one area and forget another area like the back that might be harder to get to. I noticed this issue when I was cleaning the front fan on my Mac Pro 5. There was a humming noise that the fan started making as soon as I turned it on.

The humming noise is caused off-balance blades being forced into balanced rotation by the rigid fan mounts to the frame. You can test this by putting a tiny piece of tape on a blade to put it out of balance. Please be careful with that!! Clicking noise Regarding the clicking noise you had issues with, since I haven't heard it, and knowing you said it wasn't HDD related, I'm going to go with something that I've had concerns a while ago with my Mac Pros.

It's a common concern with tower Mac Pros and Power Macs. When the relay switches, it makes a clicking noise. It's just slightly less noisier than a clicking pen on my Mac Pro 4. Surge protectors do not help in this situation. Mac Pros have always had the lowest amount of total power supply rating they could get away with. The best way to test this is to plug in a good battery backup system with surge protector almost all of them have built-in automatic voltage regulation.

Every now and then, one of Sine Waves will alert me and chime to let me know there is inconsistent voltage, and will maintain constant voltage by running off the battery until incoming power is stabilized.Menu Menu.

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Sidebar Sidebar. Laptops MacBooks. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Resetting SMC ensures that any corrupt information it has is erased, and the configurations are set to default. Unplug your MacBook Pro from the power supply 2.

Release the keys 4. Remove its battery 3. Press and hold down the Power button for 5 seconds 4. Release the Power button 5. Place the battery back in 6.

Re-connect to the power supply 7. Press the Power Eject button 2. Release the keys simultaneously 4. Wait while your MacBook Pro boots 5. Get to System Preferences and re-configure the settings as needed. Previous Next. You must log in or register to reply here.

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